Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Preservation and restoration of the jawbone begins at the time of extraction of teeth. Bone and soft tissue grafting techniques performed in conjunction with extractions may decrease or prevent bone loss under dentures. 


Dentists have developed many procedures for treating a patient without teeth who suffers with the socio-physical problems caused by ill-fitting dentures. Our dentists will explore these options with you before deciding a treatment plan. If shrinkage of jawbone has taken place and some ridge height and width remains, our dentists may use bone or bone substitute to build up the jawbone.

Depending on the degree of shrinkage, this treatment sometimes can be completed in the office. After careful evaluation of a patient’s particular case, it might be decided that implants are necessary to support a denture and restore proper function.

Depending on your current dental situation, your goals and available budget, the appropriate treatment option is chosen.

At Wellness Dental Center you would be offered (3) three options for full mouth rehabilitation and Smile Makeover.

1st Option:

Fixed Teeth - Our Signature Treatment:

Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge

Locator Attachments 4 Lower Arch

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