Invisalign Braces

Invisalign® is the clear alternative to braces. It consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that are carefully milled with exact calculations to gradually straighten teeth.

With Invisalign®, you are now able to transform your appearance without having to wear conventional braces. Only Invisalign® certified dentists are trained to perform treatments.

The Invisalign® use nearly invisible, comfortable, clear trays or aligners as an alternative to metal braces to align teeth for all ages. These are fast and easy.

The trays are removable so you can take them out to eat and clean your teeth.

For people with complex teeth-straightening cases, our orthodontic specialists will assist with prescribed straightening treatment along with contouring and whitening, or as an adjunct to veneers, implants or bridges. Using aligners allows us to set up a person’s teeth to obtain the ideal results.

Invisalign® Treatment

At Wellness Dental Center dentists evaluate your teeth and create a program of treatment. Photographs and impressions of teeth are taken at the initial stage.
CAD computer-aided design software is used to simulate the movement of your teeth during treatment. Our dentists review, modify and approve your treatment plan before the aligners are created. Then advanced stereo-lithography is used to build models of your teeth at each stage of treatment.

Individualized, custom-created clear aligners are applied from these models.
You wear each aligner for approximately two weeks. Your progress will be monitored until you have a wonderful smile.

The Invisalign® treatment, inclusive a complimentary In-Office Tooth Laser Whitening and Polishing, is charged a flat fee with customized payment plan regardless whether you need one or two arches treated.

Removable Ortho Clear Tray Treatment Movie

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