L-PRF Tissue Engineering

L-PRF™ is a 3-D autogenous synthesis of Platelet Rich Fibrin derived from the patient’s blood.

A simplified chairside procedure results in the production of a thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin that is strong, flexible and fitting for suturing. This natural fibrin scaffold is abundant in platelets, growth factors and cytokines that are derived from the leukocytes and blood platelets. The presence of these proteins in the site has been reported to provide quick healing, specifically during the critical first seven days after application. This combination stimulates more efficient cell transfer and proliferation without chemical or bovine thrombin additives.

The IntraSpin™ System provides a multi-step protocol for drawing and centrifuging the patient’s blood, extracting the fi brin clot and processing it in the Xpression™ Fabrication Kit. A thin, compressed layer of Platelet Rich Fibrin or plugs for extraction sites can then be made, using either the provided plate or the piston assembly.

Advantages and use in oral surgery and periodontology include the following:

• Bony defects

• Alveolar ridge and Sinus augmentation

• Extraction sockets

• Defects in Palate

• Maxillary and Mandibular bone atrophy

IntraSpin™ System is established to be used for the safe and predictable preparation of autologus Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) from a sample of patient’s blood. The PRF can be mixed with autologous or allograft bone substitute prior to application to a bony deficient site for better handling. Only single centrifugation is needed without, mixing, pipetting, heating or additives. Every detail the IntraSpin™ System has been specifically tested and manufactured to act in concert as a graft delivery. IntraSpin™ System has been USA FDA tested and cleared and is fine-tuned to ensure proper material biocompatibility and clinical performance.

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