Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

Nobel Biocare implants are designed to give our patients fully functional and natural-looking restorations that aspire to last a lifetime. Nobel Biocare innovation provides superior treatment concepts for high patient satisfaction.

Our dentists use only the original Nobel Biocare implants at Wellness Dental Center. The comprehensive treatment process includes extraction of any necessary grossly decayed teeth if needed, immediate placement of an endosteal implant, any necessary bone grafting, L- PRF Tissue Engineering, temporary tooth flipper, Zirconia or Titanium abutment and E. Max or Empress High Premium Porcelain Metal Free Crown Restoration.  Following the implant surgery, patient needs to come for post-operative appointments to ensure proper healing as the final crown restoration will be placed five to six months later.

Nobel Biocare Implants Video

Immediate Implant placement with bone grafting

Video: Bridge vs Implant

At Wellness Dental Center we strongly believe an endosteal implant is a standard of care for a missing or failing tooth replacement treatment option. A fixed partial denture (FPD) or a traditional dental bridge based on teeth is still occasionally utilized when an implant is not feasible due to lack of space or bone in the mouth. 

The dental implant treatment, including all the necessary procedures is charged a flat fee per unit with a customized payment plan which can be partially paid via dental insurance, subject to its approval.

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