Great dentist!!! State of the art place. Comparing to other dentists in Thousand Oaks, you can find the latest technology only in Wellness Dental Center . There are all types of lasers the use for different procedures, even for implants and veneers I had done 6 months ago. Dr. Rossius is meticulous about the job he does for his patients. I experienced it on myself. Even mom had recently received full mouth rehab  despite the fact she had very complex situation. We are happy snd pleased with the dentist. No doubt If you come here you are in good hands.

-Nat.L from Yelp 05/27/17 

-Sam A. from Yelp 8/31/16 

I was referred to Wellness by a friend who had a great experience and came all the way from Sherman Oaks. I am pretty freaked about dental work so I needed comfort. Everyone was quite nice from the front desk to the gentleman who performed my cleaning. Then Dr. Afshari my new dentist was really great and thorough. Unfortunately I had bad news on 1 tooth but I felt very comfortable with his detailed explanation. He showed me everything in a personal way and laid it my options out for me. Understanding makes a huge difference rather than being confused and nervous. The other Dr. and staff seamed nice and all the other patients seamed happy. I left feeling better and and like I had answers and options to think about. Going to bring my 4 year old here for his first check up (which is over-due). Highly recommended. 

Take care of your teeth my friends! I waited years and could have prevented a root canal.

-Todd R. from Yelp 05/17/17 

I am not a fan at all of the dentist, as it exposes my not great daily care for my teeth. Dr. Rossius takes care of me with grace and to the point truth as to what is needed. I trust his recommendations are for my best interest and not necessarily his bank account. I highly recommend Dr. Rossius

-Abrahan C. from Yelp 2/17/17 

I was experiencing extreme pain that day and didn't know where to go. Found this great office on insurance directory and had my appointment scheduled within half an hour on emergency basis. I can't say enough how helpful and meticulous Dr. Andrey Rossius was with my failed root canal tooth removal and replacement with implant the same day. I healed well without complications, which concerned me a lot as it's my first implant ever.I am very thankful to DR. ROSSIUS for giving me my tooth back.

-Diana L. from Yelp 7/31/16 

Haven't done anything to my teeth with them yet, but had a consultation. All my questions were answered, lots of options were given. I find the doctor very knowledgeable and friendly. Had a great conversation with doctor Andrey about his experience and education. Setting up an appointment for teeth cleaning, woo hoo!

-Jody C. from Yelp 8/18/17 

It all started out that my husband wanted to find a new dentist.  We are both retired and over 65 but have always taken good care of our teeth.  We had been both going to the same dentist for about 5-6 years but I just didn't want to take the time to look for a new dentist even though our old one had done some things on our teeth that I should have been looking long ago.  When you are dissatisfied with the basic cleanings and just putting a crown on, it is time to move on.  We have Delta Dental Care HMO so I had to find one in the network.  Our new dentist would be active as of Sept. 1.  But, before my insurance became active, I got a really bad toothache.  A toothache where I was using an OTC toothache medicine for the pain and couldn't eat on that side of my mouth. I knew I had to get to one soon.  

I decided to go to the Wellness Dental Center in Westlake Village. I got to see Dr. Andrey Rossius.  He was assisted in my whole experience by his wonderful assistant, Nallely. 

On my first appt. they did x-rays, consultation and I had an amazing cleaning by Tatsiana. The x-ray machine was actually a huge scanner that shows you pictures of all of your teeth and sinuses.  The dr had on a big computer screen pictures of my mouth, sinuses, teeth and what had been done to them.  Wow was I impressed.  The dr came in and described what needed to be done.  I had infection on my gums, bone and tooth.  When one of my past drs did a root canal and other work on this tooth and gums, the second one from the upper back, they had fractured the bone but left it with the bone fractures still there and were putting on various crowns which either were not shaped or fit correctly and either cracked or collected bacteria in between and underneath.

Dr. Rossius needed to take the tooth out, treat the infection, do a bone graft, put in my stem cell so that it would grow back correctly with my own bone, and later put in an implanted tooth.

At my visit I was a bit nervous but he quickly eased any concerns and worries I might have had.  All I felt was the prick of the needles putting in the numbing liquid and that was it.  This was a long procedure and I didn't feel anything else.  He explained as he did each step and was a true master in his field.  He had to take blood from me for the stem cells.  I am the first to admit I am a difficult draw and many labs and hospitals have tried many times and many people to get my blood.  I always compliment those that get it the first time as being gifted in their field.  The dr got 4 vials the first time.  I knew I was in good hands.  If I have missed any detail, it is just because I wanted to get my wonderful experience out there for others to read so they would consider using Dr. Rossius themselves.

What could have been a painful and tricky procedure turned out wonderful.  When I later looked at the Dr's education and his experience on his website, I knew why he was so terrific.  All of his equipment is state of the art.  He is definitely knowledgeable of all the newest procedures.  I left feeling good, with prescriptions to get rid of the infection, an appt in 2 weeks to get my stitches out and a great feeling I had found this dentist.

I thank Dr. Rossius and his staff for their patience, kindness and understanding.  I had this procedure done this afternoon and I was so impressed that I wanted to write this review while it was fresh in my mind as it was such a good experience.

-K. White from Google 7/17 

After repeatedly bad experiences at my last dentist I decided to find a new clinic and I am so glad that I did. This clinic has brand new and comfortable equipment. Friendly and professional staff. I got the feeling the Doctor had the best intentions for the health of my mouth. A very positive experience!

-Philip S. from Google 9/17 

I love this place. Ambiance is better than most business i have ever been to; the staff is refreshing and nice. Dr. Rossius is extremely confident and that makes a world of difference to a nervous patient.

Keep up the awesome work!

-Antonio R. from Google 12/16 

I came to this great office recently to have a consult for implants I lost a great amount of teeth due to a accident and I'm tired of using dentures. Office was clean great staff very straight forward. And I hope soon I'll have implants for that steak. Dr. Rossius was great very informative he covered all info and answered all my questions. Would recommend to anyone.

-Abrahan C. from Google 11/16 

Lovely office and stuff. Very knowledgeable Dr. Rossius about implant procedures. I had many teeth missing for years and could not find a proper dentist to fix my bone loss and place implants. But finally after so many years I din't feel like an old crippled man and now I can smile and chew normally. Thank you Dr. Rossius for fixing my smile. I recommend this doctor to my family and to everyone. He is just the best.

Excellent staff! State of the art equipment. This is the best dental office I have experienced in my 37 years in California. I started off taking advantage of their new client special, and before the day was over I had 3 new implants. Competitive pricing, and friendly, professional service!

-Dan S. from Facebook 05/12/17 

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